Thursday, March 12, 2009

The seven African gods, Ire, blessings

Before reading this article it is recommended that you start from the first article titled “The seven African gods, African, Hispanic, Religion”. In the previous step the diviner determines the type of blessing behind the client’s question. If the answer is determined to be yes, it is said that the divination opens with a blessing (ire). This step is to determine what the blessing is. The diviner then asks the oracle if it is any one of the following ire.

After determining the blessing (ire) the diviner writes the odu that was used to open on paper and writes the type of ire predicted for the client next to it. The diviner must then determine if the ire is firm in this lifetime by asking two questions “ire yale?” (is the blessing firm?”), and ire yale timbelaye?” will the blessing manifest in this lifetime. If the answer to the first question is yes, the second must be presented to the oracle. If the answer to the second question is Yes, the oracle has predicted that the blessing will firmly manifest in this lifetime. If the answer to one of the questions ire yale, or ire yale timbelaye is No then the divination is incomplete and other steps must follow.

Summary analysis.

This form of divination has so much depth that I have arrived at the firm conclusion that the practice of the worship of the seven African gods was not invented or introduced by the medicine men of Africa, but rather it was taught to them by elemental spirits as a means of communicating with the spiritual world.

Having read a few of the articles, weigh in your mind whether medicine men/priests that lived hundreds and hundreds of years ago in villages in west African that has never spent a single day in school and could not read or write could come up with such in intricate system of divination. Keep in mind that several hundreds of years of ago there were no schools in west Africa period.

Having deduced that it is the work of elemental spirits behind this system of divination, let us pay a closer attention to the nature and function of elementals in spiritual work. Elementals are the spirits of nature that operate through the four elements of Air, fire, water, and earth. The elementals of fire are known as salamanders, the elementals of air are known as sylphs, the elementals of water are known as undines, the elementals of earth are known as gnomes or dwarfs. The elementals are the spirits that are closest to human beings and they share the planet with us.

Any type of spiritual activity, whether originating from God from heaven , or from earth from human beings goes through the medium of elementals.. Every human being is assigned four body elementals throughout their life, and these four elementals are the ones that maintain and manage the human body and welfare. Often times they have been ignored, since we do not know they exist in the first place. This knowledge of spiritual divination from its intricacies and language is entirely the work and language of elementals. But I do not think the elementals originated this system for at the end of this analysis there is a twist. Elementals answer questions and provide answers in the form of riddles and proverbs. This is very typical of especially those of the gnomes. If you are not sure what the elementals are, watch the Harry Potter movie series, the magical acts are all being performed by elementals in a movie form. That little creature that serves as his aid, is an elemental. This is exactly the way it works in real life spiritual practice.

It is the dwarfs that teach herbal medicine to the fetish priest in Africa. How do you think those medicine men came about the knowledge of using various herbs for cures? The knowledge of herbal medicine was taught and is still being taught by elemental dwarfs to the priest. The priest has no idea what remedies to use for a cure has never performed, the knowledge is provided by the elementals.

Elementals are extremely important in spiritual work and in fact one cannot accomplish any kind of spiritual work without them. Elementals form the link between human beings, nature, the soul, or dead ancestors, angels, and God. When something originates from God, it passes down to the level of archangels, then to the angels, then to the elementals, then to man.

The elementals are neither good nor evil, they are neutral and simply follow the biding of their master. They go in either direction, and this explains how some people are able to use this form of spiritual practice for evil.

When any kind of spiritual work is being done, it is the elemental that bring it into manifestation. It is the elemental that communicates or desires and wishes to the guardian angels and to other angels. It is the elemental that the angels use to communicate to man through the orisha, for the elementals understand our native human languages.

Elementals can manipulate and influence physical objects by spiritual means. Miracles and movements of objects from place to place by spiritual means are the work of elementals. Even t he miracles of Jesus were actually carried out by elementals.

Elementals enjoy the same pleasures as human beings. They like the smell of cigars, the smell of hard liquor, and they like to eat nature’s food substances that we eat. Elementals love to dance and party and their favorite type of music are African drums, similar to the ones I have composed that are named Jungle 1 – Jungle 30. Play music containing African Drums and elementals will be all ears.
Let us keep in mind that the overseers of elementals are angels, just as human beings are the overseers of animals. This system of organized seven powers serves as a conduit from the physical world of man through elementals to the choir of angels , then to God.

It is a system based on the use of elemental forces that explains the use of the sixteen cowries. The sixteen cowries represents the four elements of Air, fire, water, and earth. Each of the four is also subdivided into four which are Air is subdivided into Air of Air, Air of Fire, Air of Water, Air of Earth. Fire is subdivided into Fire of Air, Fire of Fire, Fire of water, Fire of Earth. Water is subdivided into Water of Air, Water of Fire, Water of Water, Water of Earth. Earth is divided into Earth of Air, Earth of Fire, Earth of Water, Earth of Earth. These sixteen components form the complete organism and they represent the sixteen cowries. The conglomerate of the sixteen divisions put together forms the orisha. The orisha is sought of the like the king of the elementals or an angel. Human being has four body elementals the orisha has sixteen elementals, this is clearly a being that is more sophisticated than a human being. It is the orishas that taught the divination process to the elementals , who in turn taught it to the African priests. It is from the level of the orisha, who may be an angel that the system is organized into seven. For from the seven, the pathway is laid to lead all the way through the choir of angels, then to God. Let us thank God, for the work he has given us, just as he gave us the kaballah through the angels.